Ocean County Roofing is the Top Provider of Other Roofing Services

Our services extend far beyond just simple repairs — in many cases, we offer services that customers might not have known were available. For example, we specialize in the installation of a new type of green shingle that is energy efficient and allows our customers to enjoy better insulation in their homes. These shingles come in a variety and color of styles, allowing you many options that let you stick to the aesthetics of the vision for your home while also allowing you to increase the energy efficiency of your house and making it greener in both the short and long term, which can also help you boost the potential resale value down the road, should you decide to go that route. There are also dimensional shingles that we can install that give your roof a very distinctive appearance, making your home stand out in the best way. Also, many customers are surprised to learn how far shingles have come over the years - we now have a myriad of color options that you can match to your exterior colors, while also allowing for exceptional quality.

There are many other services that we can provide, like gutter and downspout installation and maintenance, for example. Most homeowners opt for vinyl or aluminum gutters, which we are extremely adept at installing thanks to decades of service under the belts of our GAF-certified roofers and crews. However, sometimes a customer might want a gutter or downspout that is a bit more unique and suited to the historic or distinctive tastes of their home or business, and this is something that we can also offer to them at a very reasonable price. Wooden or copper gutters, for example, can give your house or business a bit more of an artistic, beautiful flair, and we are happy to say that we can deliver on this as well. For more information regarding these types of services, please visit us on the web or call us at 732-582-4145.

Ocean County Roofing can provide a nearly endless professional residential or commercial roofing services. Our technicians have the experience and certifications to handle a diverse array of roofing tasks. We can work with any number of materials, for example, and can work with slate, asphalt, terracotta, or wooden roofing materials on residential homes and modified bitumen, PVC, and TPO materials on commercial roofs, among many other materials. You might find that many roofing contractors will only work with one or two of these, but we like to think that we can accommodate any of the diverse home and business building styles that you see around the Garden State. Our business philosophy is that we can never stop evolving or staying at the cutting edge of roofing technology and repair. We can keep pace with these developments, and then pass the benefits onto you. Call us at any time to speak to a customer service professional, or visit us on the web.

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We hired Ocean County Roofing after receiving new roof estimated from several shore area roofers. Ocean County Roofers had the best number as well as options. We decided on a roof with dimensional shingles that had shadow lines. The results are beautiful and we are very happy. We will recommend your company in the future.

– Heather R. Ryan, Point Pleasant Beach